TouchBase® Medical

TouchBase® Medical is a complete teleconferencing and integrated electronic medical record (EMR) application designed to enhance quality, efficiency, and access to healthcare. The TouchBase™ Medical telehealth system consists of 2 independent software applications: TouchBase™ Doctor and TouchBase® Patient that are used to exchange medical information between 2 or more individuals over our secure, encrypted data network.

TouchBase® Patient

As a Web-based telehealth tool, patients with access to a computer, a web-cam, and the Internet can now access healthcare from their physician or care provider anytime, anywhere. TouchBase® Patient is an intuitive and easy to use application that allows you to communicate with multiple physicians (or care providers) simultaneously and in real-time, using video, full duplex audio, and text means. Once logged on to our secure network, you have access to our secure E-mail and electronic medical record (EMR) functions and can input your current medical information or share it with your healthcare professional from the convenience of your own home or office. The information can be updated as necessary. Your privacy is our business and only those health care providers authorized by you are allowed access to your private health information.

From your office, home, or anywhere in the world, patients now have the power to consult with their physician without the inconvenience of making the trip to the doctor's office. TouchBase® was designed specifically to maximize the safety, efficiency, quality, and logistics of healthcare delivery.

And the best part: it's free.

Improved convenience and access to healthcare, that's TouchBase®. Feel the power of the Internet.

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