TouchBase® Medical

TouchBase® Medical is a complete teleconferencing and integrated electronic medical record (EMR) application designed to enhance quality, efficiency, and access to healthcare. The TouchBase® Medical telehealth system consists of 2 independent software applications: TouchBase® Doctor and TouchBase® Patient that are used to exchange medical information between 2 or more individuals over our secure, encrypted data network.

TouchBase® Doctor

As a Web-based telehealth tool, physicians with access to a computer, a web-cam, and the Internet can provide healthcare to patients or consult with their peers anytime, anywhere. TouchBase® Doctor is an intuitive, easy to use, and powerful software tool that allows up to multiple individuals (or source locations) to communicate with each other simultaneously in real-time, using video, full duplex audio, and text means. Once in the telehealth conference, physicians have access to our suite of medical functions that allows access to the patient's medical information via our electronic medical record (EMR), the ability to integrate still photographs and audio data into the EMR, and secure prescription and order writing. Additional software functions include the ability to present and share general information such as slides, applications, computer files, or your entire computer desktop. E-mails can be sent and received over our secure network and our private sub-conference functions are also supported.

From your office, home, or hospital computer, physicians can utilize TouchBase® to evaluate patients in the emergency room, make rounds, render inpatient or outpatient consultations, or confer with colleagues. TouchBase® was designed specifically to maximize the safety, efficiency, quality, and logistics of healthcare delivery.

The possibilities are limitless.

So improve your lifestyle while increasing the efficiency, productivity, and value of your practice. Improve access to healthcare. Feel the power of the Internet.

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