H.U.B.™ (Health User Base)

Banking, shopping, travel… You know where to find it online. Where is your personal health information?

TouchNetworks' H.U.B. (Health User Base)™: A free, powerful, health care tool for you and your health care providers

Timely, accurate information is critical to patient care. Access to the most up to date information is crucial for diagnosing medical problems and patient safety. TouchNetworks' H.U.B. gives patients the ability to proactively manage their health history and share this information with health care providers who rely on it to improve their health. H.U.B. is a secure, web-based environment for storing personal health information, along with the tools to share it with those who need it most. Unlike other electronic medical records, H.U.B. universally accepts files of all formats, making it the most versatile and comprehensive service available. H.U.B. represents a first step in the development of a more efficient, affordable, and safe health care delivery system. At TouchNetworks, we believe this is the best place to start… with you, the patient, the source.

Think about the first time you went to a doctor's office and the various forms you were asked to complete. If you see more than one physician, you are asked to provide the same information at every office, hospital, emergency room, or urgent care center. The reality is that in many cases the source of this information is an ill patient. Under the circumstances, patients may discount remote events, omit information they consider to be insignificant, and are likely tired of repeating themselves. An accurate, comprehensive health history is essential to assessing problems and managing health. Wouldn't a smarter approach be an integrated record of health history, updated in real-time? This is what H.U.B. is all about.

Private and Secure

H.U.B. by TouchNetworks allows you to update your health information at any time. As a web-based tool, it can be accessed anywhere via the Internet. All of the information is stored on our secure network, encrypted, and controlled by you. Only people or institutions you authorize will have permission to view or add to the information in your account. Exclusively with TouchNetworks' H.U.B., access privileges vary according to user access levels, so that appropriate individuals see only those documents they are entitled to view (patent pending). H.U.B. provides the most comprehensive data storage capabilities: store your health history, pathology reports, x-ray and other imaging reports, educational information, physician notes - anything you find important to your health. TouchNetworks will provide you with up to 64MB of free storage for this purpose.

Take control of your most vital information using TouchNetworks' H.U.B.(Health User Base).

Health is a lifetime commitment for those who want to get the most out of life. Ask your doctors if they are registered users of TouchNetworks' TouchBase®, a product which expands H.U.B. from a medical storage platform into a health care delivery tool. As a patient, you can benefit from this free feature allowing you to communicate live with your doctor via medical teleconferencing or e-mail over our secure, encrypted network. This revolutionary service is like no other personal health record system available today.

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